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The Eye Of Horus, Egyptian God – the original ‘horror’ story

I have listened to clip of Bill talking and he links to The Tunnels of Typhon, which is to do with the chakras and why the eye of horus is linked to access to the chakras. The anus is supposedly the eye of horus.

There is more info on the subject on Sons-of-Liber-Typhon-by-Salvatore-Tommy-Ganci-SaToGa. Just my opinion, but I think that the rape of young boys has a lot to do with immortality etc and not just the obviously perverted sex act it is. I just want to get all the smart folks doing research to kick this around, as I think it is relevant to a lot of the child abuse going on worldwide.

The Beast 666 ordains by His authority that every man, and every woman, and every intermediately-sexed individual, shall be absolutely free to interpret and communicate Self by means of any sexual practices soever, whether direct or indirect, rational or symbolic, physiologically, legally, ethically, or religiously approved or no, provided only that all parties to any act are fully aware of all implications and responsibilities thereof, and heartily agree thereto.

Moreover, the Beast 666 adviseth that all children shall be accustomed from infancy to witness every type of sexual act, as also the process of birth, lest falsehood fog, and mystery stupefy, their minds, whose error else might thwart and misdirect the growth of their subconscious system of soul-symbolism.”

-Commentary to The Book of the Law I:51

Ordo Templi Orientis Spermo-Gnosis

One day the universe broke into pieces — either caused by a female aspect of the Creator or due to an intermediary entity between the Divine and the Profane.

Those who are happy with and in the world, and benefit from good health, and who experience love and satisfaction in their preferred fields, seem not to need the universe-healing Gnosticism, which I believe is a religious tool to deal with unbearable life.
The magician and the Gnostic live in two worlds at the same time. But, while the magician tries to use the world beyond, in order to have power over this world here, the Gnostic seeks a divine reality, a realm within this world here, which is only a sort of shadow world. Both the magician and the Gnostic (as have many other traditions such as Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist and Tantra) feel that sexuality might be the key or the door to other realities; but they differ in method between ascetic and libertinistic/sensual orientations: both still use the sexual force. Gnosticism is a varried set of overlaping traditions that often contradict each other. Not all gnostics were “spermo-gnostics”. But of these I will speak now. I will summarize the complex Gnostic traditions (although the subject is far too diverse for anyone to depict it accurately in a short essay) but not their literature, nor compare their cosmology in general, nor their History; (1*) I will also go to modern times, where modern Gnostics probably find both worlds more real than the ancient Gnostics did. (2*)

History of Magic – 6 – Sex Magic and Tantra

Cultures that practiced magic almost always worshiped love and sexuality, fertility and unions. Prehistoric shamanic cults used strong sexual symbolism in which female figurines had exaggerated breasts and hips. Goddesses were associated with the celebration of sexuality and fertility. For the Sumerians, Ishtar or Astarte, the moon goddess, the Egyptians had the cult of Isis, and in general worshiped the phallus. India and Tibet formed the Tantrism and Kundalini Yoga as a celebration and meditation of sexual union between partners. Greece had the sacred Eros, a masculine form of sexual energy, with Demeter balancing out the female aspect.

If magic is a celebration of things, life, death, spirituality, ecstatic experience, then sex magic was a natural inclination to include in ritual form. There is a potency in love and sex that is undeniable.  Love is one of the most powerful and sometimes fiercest emotions. People are driven to murder for love, to give up everything, to pine away, lust madly, are driven insane by it, are healed and soothed by it, desire it and become wretched without it. Such power love has! The honoring of that power, the harnessing of it and using it, can be one of the strongest forms of magic.

I’d like to look at one of the celebrations of sex magic, tantra, and explore its potential for the magical practitioner.

Perhaps the primary  reason for this neglect of Crowley — and also for the intense scandal and titillation that surrounded him during his life — was his practice of sexual magic (or Magick, to use Crowley’s spelling).[4]  Rejecting the prudish hypocrisy of the Victorian Christian world in which he was raised, Crowley identified sex as the most powerful force in life and the supreme source of magical power.  Taking an apparent delight in outraging the British society of his time, Crowley made explicit use of the most “deviant” sexual acts — such as masturbation and homosexuality  — as central components in his magical practice. At the same time, Crowley was also one of the first Western authors to taken an interest in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions of Tantra —  a highly esoteric body of teachings and that center, in part, around the use of sexual energy as a source of spiritual power  — which had long been criticized by European Orientalist scholars and Christian missionaries as the very worst and most perverse confusion of sexuality and religion.[5]  In fact, for most American readers today, Tantra is typically associated with Crowley-ian sex magick. One need now only browse the shelves of any Barnes and Noble bookstore or surf the endlessly proliferating web-sites on the Internet to discover the secrets of Tantra, Sex Magick and Tarot,  practice  Tantra without Tears or even engage in Wicca for Lovers.  As his early biographer, John Symonds, remarks,  “His greatest merit was to make the bridge between Tantrism and the Western esoteric tradition and thus bring together Western and Eastern magical techniques.”

The O.T.O. and Sex Magick

The O.T.O’s magical and initiatory system has among its innermost reaches a set of teachings on sex magick . One might even observe that the acronym of this order is rather phallic. Sex magick is the use of the sex act, or the energies, passions or arousals it evokes, as a point of which to focus the will or magical desire in the non-sexual world. It has been equated with the “life force” and the “kundalini”. Through the ritualistic use of sexual techniques, inspired by Tantric schools of the East, the initiate can use the immense potency of sexual energy to reach higher realms of spirituality.

Crowley would eventually introduce (not without protest) the practice of homosexual sex magick into the O.T.O. as one of the highest degrees of the Order for he believed it to be the most powerful formula. 12 It was clear that Crowley felt the accusations against the original Templars of practising sodomy and orgies with women had been based in fact, but not understood by their detractors.

In the Thelema, the Scarlet woman is equated with Babalon – The Great Mother, the Mother of Abominations of the book of Revelation. Crowley and his protégés would often dabble and experiment with this concept.

Supposing that the student has stud ied and understood all that we have revealed in the preceding chapters, we give, hereafter, the twenty principle rules that are necessary to learn in or der to properly understand the special exercises of sexual magic

2. Don’t mix precious metal with base subs tance: unite with a woman of superior morals. Never use a prostitute or an igno rant virgin for a magical operation, nor a minor of less than 18 years of either sex; but accomplish the solemn act with your spouse or your lover. It is necessary in all cases, that

the woman chosen for the rite should have sexual knowledge of the man, be possessed of good health in body and mind, and she should have profound feelings of affection and emotion for the priest; for in this way is the orgasm of the two magically efficacious—it also makes the moment of the female emanation coincide with the moment of the male ejaculation and only in this way is the magic effective.

Click to access randolph_magia_sexualis.pdf

Black magic’ child abuser jailed

A former police officer who claimed he was a “black magic” high priest while sexually abusing three children has been jailed for seven years.

The victim said: “He started to get us into this black magic. He described himself as a high priest with this black magic circle.

“He said he could have out of body experiences and could talk to demons and spirits.

“One day he said he was going to initiate me into the circle and this became the main driver for my silence.

‘Evil’ paedophile led satanic sex cult in small Welsh town

An “evil” paedophile was today found guilty of leading a satanic sex cult from his home in a small Welsh town.

Colin Batley, 48, of Kidwelly, west Wales, presided over a quasi-religious cult which preyed on young children and indulged in occult rites.