‘Meditation: The Future Medication’

How does meditation work?
Meditation raises energy levels and strengthens the immune system to fight or ward off illnesses. It induces the relaxation response and associated psychophysiological processes. It acts on the Karmic/Sanskar levels to neutralize the causes and effects of illness. It enhances the positivity of the person about self and healing, thus setting off chain reactions of healing. It induces a connection to the source (God) to draw the power to heal. It stimulates life style changes, which are useful for self-healing and allows external healing forces to act better. If practiced regularly for 20-45 minutes once or twice daily, all meditations, to various degrees, produce:
• Decreased heart rate and blood pressure.
• Increased blood flow to brain and heart.
• Positive changes in EEG, EMG and skin resistance.
• Improved sleep and digestion.
•Less irritability, anxiety and depression on rating scales.
•Less frequency and duration of illnesses.
•Decreased accidents and days lost at work.
•Improved interpersonal relationships.
•Improved scores on self-actualization inventories, and emotional and spiritual quotients.


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